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  SPRING 2015
  Black Italia - Spring 2015
  EU in Focus - Spring 2015
  Italian Politics Adesso! Spring 2015
January 29, 2015
  Mapping Contemporary Florence
February 4, 2015
  EU in Focus | EU on the Ground Working Group
February 9- March 18, 2015
  The Constitutional Reform in Italy: Changes and Perspectives After the Election of the New President of the Republic
February 10, 2015
  EU in Focus | How the EU Government System Works
February 11, 2015
  The Border Chronicles - How to Travel and Write a Column for Marie Claire
February 16, 2015
  EU in Focus | Why Should the European Union be of Interest to Americans?
February 18, 2015
  EU in Focus | The Judicial System at the EU Level
February 24, 2015
  Black Italia | ´Cara Mamma, Sono in Africa´: Cameras, Soldiers, Empires
March 3, 2015
  EU in Focus | The History and Economy of the EU
March 5, 2015
  What Can We Learn from the Iranian Nuclear Crisis?
March 24, 2015
  Documentary Photography Through the Lens III | Manipulating Reality: A Disconcerting Stroll Through the Mind of Mr. Toledano
March 25, 2015
  Documentary Photography Through the Lens III
March 25- April 22, 2015
  Italy Seen at its Margins: Photography and Social Exclusion since 1861
March 31, 2015
  Beyond the Parties: Democracy, Media and Democratic Innovations in Italy
April 7, 2015
  Black Italia | Filming the Mediterranean Crossing: South and North of Lampedusa
April 8, 2015
  Black Italia | Mare Nostrum, Mundus Noster | Our Sea, Our World: Refugees Crossing the Mediterranean and the Humanitarian Response (Student Dialogue)
April 13, 2015
  Black Italia | Surviving Lampedusa and Moving North
April 15, 2015
  Fuori Campo - Film Screening and Discussion
April 23, 2015
  The Meanings and Margins of Satire
April 27, 2015
  Art Talk by Lyle Ashton Harris
April 28, 2015
  Art + Feminism
April 29, 2015
  Global Literature And Poetry: Looking Towards Technology As A Way To Represent The Contemporary (student dialogue)
May 4, 2015
  Renaissance Florence and Child Rights: Ospedale Degli Innocenti and UNICEF (Student Dialogue)
May 6, 2015
  Black Portraiture{s} II: Imaging the Black Body and Re-Staging Histories
May 28-30, 2015
  FALL 2015
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Global Literature and Poetry: Looking Towards Technology as a Way to Represent the #Contemporary
This Spring NYU Florence GLS Junior Madison McCormick organized a
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