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Italians of a Different Color: Sports, Citizenship, and Identity - April 17, Villa Sassetti

“I am Italian, I feel Italian, I will forever play with the Italian national team.” – Mario Barwuah Balotelli

“Non Esistono Black Italians/Black Italians Don’t Exist.” – Banner held up at an Italian soccer game

This dialogue will address the complexities and contradictions of integration by looking at the politics of citizenship and national identity through the medium of sports. The speakers will debate Italy’s citizenship policy and also sport’s capacity to represent these Italian ‘others’ while establishing images of national identity that is black, white, yellow and, above all, Azzurra! Read more

Middle East Now: Best Short Film by NYU Florence - April 14,2014

Last night, NYU students gathered at the Odeon Theatre in Florence, Italy as part of a select student jury for the annual Middle East Now Film Festival. After a long weekend of screenings and intense deliberation, where fingers were pointed, yelling was permitted and opinions were shot down, the jury came to an agreement just in time for Monday night. The jury leaders, Jim Carter and Alice Sholto-Duglas, announced that dialogue-free film, Condom Lead by Mohammed and Ahmad Abunasser, won the majority vote. The runners up were Children of God from Iraq and I Am Mermaid from Qatar.

The festival, which continued through Monday, April 14th, is the only festival in Italy entirely dedicated to contemporary Middle East Movies, featuring the latest films from Iran, Iraq, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, the UAE, Afganistan, Syria, Bahrain, Algeria and Morocco. Showcasing a myriad of feature films, documentaries, animated films and shorts, the film festival was designed to underline the importance of the Middle East, a region that has been at the center of international media and politics in recent years. 

Text by NYU Florence Student Blair Simmons

Italian Politics Adesso! Overview

On March 24, La Pietra Dialogues hosted a dialogue on Italian Politics with professors Robert D´Alimonte and Alessandro Chiaramonte, curated by NYU Florence student Caterina Ariani. Read here the event overview by NYU Florence student Rachel Sonis.

European Politics: The EU in Focus

This spring, in the lead up to the EU parliamentary elections in May, LPD will organize a series of workshops that will introduce students to the EU, followed by a trip to visit the European institutions in Brussels. Top experts in European politics will gather at NYU Florence as the election campaigns get into full swing in April in order to analyze current European political dynamics. Students interested in more information can write to Check the full program.

Special Opportunity: Call for Video Submissions for NYU Earth Matters Project  

Earth Matters is trying to take Earth Month to an entirely new level this year. We´re trying to show the enormous global environmental perspective at NYU by creating an environmentally-themed video using material crowdsourced from students at all of NYU´s campuses. Cool, right? But we need your help make it happen.

In order to participate, post short video clips from your phone, your camera, your cam-corder-- whatever you hipsters use-- at the page below or send them to between now and April 22nd. Material should try to capture one or several of the following: 
--The landscape of your current city
--The life-forms that exist in and around your current city
--An interesting environmental aspect of your current city
--Or why earth matters-- to you-- in your current city (shoot some videoed selfies)

All submissions will be mashed into a final product by a team of film students and then screened at campuses around the globe. For more information contact Davis or Joe at

Italian Political Campaign: Mayor of Florence  

Interested in seeing an Italian political campaign in action? Democratic Party candidate Dario Nardella will launch his electoral campaign for Mayor of Florence today Friday, April 11 with a political rally at Palazzo dei Congressi in Piazza Adua at 9pm.
You can find more information at
We will keep you posted on the activities of all of the candidates for the Mayoral elections in the coming weeks. The election will take place on May 25.

Global Leaders at NYU Washington, DC: Conversation with Middle East experts Mona Yacoubian and Ambassador Frederic C. Hof  

NYU Washington D.C. hosted a conversation on the crisis in Syria with Mona Yacoubian of the Stimson Center and Ambassador Frederic C. Hof, Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East. Check out the video  and visit the NYU Washington D.C. website for more information.

Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo´ - New York University  

Get updates and follow the events of Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo´ from New York University NY. The programs deal with literature, cinema and both political and social reflections and involve prominent Italian artists, scholars and politicians in an open dialogue with Americans on Italian life and culture. Most of the events are recorded. See them online at:

Quiltbag Italia Dialogue with Katrina Chua and Ragini Bali
By Caterina Dacey Ariani, NYU Florence student Last night we
Read More ...
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