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La Pietra Dialogues On the World On-Line
Alessandro Fusacchia: Italy´s Economic and Cultural Diplomacy
Nicole D´Alessio, NYU ´17
La Pietra Dialogues
November 25, 2013

Last night, Special Advisor to the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alessandro Fusacchia, led a discussion about the Foreign Ministry’s strategies to foster Italy’s economic growth.

‘Made in Italy,’ is the third most famous brand in the world, explained Fusacchia. Italy’s international network is concentrated in a handful of extremely famous brands, while most others struggle to globalize. Exporting a wider variety of goods would help grow the Italian economy. Since Italy is rich in local agricultural and craftsmanship businesses, Fusacchia said that the key will be to encourage companies in these areas to export and to create an international presence. Fusacchia says Italy’s Foreign Ministry seeks to expand the country’s international network, not only through economic diplomacy but through cultural diplomacy as well. He wants to enhance Italy’s cultural reputation abroad in order to attract foreigners.

In addition, Fusacchia stresses that it is important for Italy to attract new international investors. “The uncertainty issue,” which Fusacchia describes as the result of “a loose government” with unclear tax and business regulations, discourages potential foreign investments in Italy. In September the Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched the “Destination Italy Plan,” which is aimed at sending a strong signal to the world to invest in Italy. It includes fifty “very clean and simple” policies for resolving the most significant problems that foreign firms encounter when establishing a presence in Italy. The Foreign Ministry’s vision is to have every major policy, industry and organization contribute to the country’s end goal of increased globalization and to exhibit some innovative ideas at EXPO 2015, an international showcase of technology, innovation, culture and traditions.

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