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NYU Florence Poll Results
Kira Boden-Gologorsky
La Pietra Dialogues
November 16, 2016

Last Thursday, November 10th 2016, Kennedy Hill and I polled some of the NYU Florence student body regarding the results of the 2016 Election. We received 54 responses, which is about a sixth of the entire student body. These results are not reflective of the entire student body sentiment at NYU Florence. Instead, they serve as a way to gauge the general themes of the NYU Florence student body’s political opinions.

Here are the questions we asked: 

Did you vote? 

Did you think Trump would win? 

Are you satisfied with the election results (President, Senate, House)? 

Are there people in your political or personal sphere who accurately predicted the results? 

Are you more pessimistic or optimistic about politics post election? 

Are you more likely to be politically engaged post election?

Are you more likely to participate in protest post election? 

Results are as follows: 

55.6% voted in the General Election 

37% didn’t vote in the General Election 

7.4% not US citizens 

87% of students did not think Trump would win 

88.9% of people are UNSATISFIED with the Presidential, House, and Senate results 

59.3% did not have people in their personal or political sphere who predicted Trumps win 

61.1% are more pessimistic, 29.6% neither, 9.3% optimistic 

74.1% likely to be more politically engaged 

55.6% more likely to protest post election 

What these results reflect is relatively unsurprising. We represent general trends of our generation, the millennial generation, as a whole. About half of eligible voters between the age of 18 and 32 (the approximate millennial age range) voted in the General Election. The overwhelming majority of students both myself and Kennedy have encountered over our three years at NYU are socially and politically left, including those studying here in Florence. We were overwhelmingly surprised by Trump’s victory, and feel generally unhappy with the results of the General Election. Again, this falls in line with overall millennial sentiment. If only millennials had voted in the election, Clinton would have won by a landslide. We are more pessimistic about politics than before the election, and yet are more likely to be politically active and engage in protest.

Millennials are the generation who will feel the effects of the policies of the Trump White House for decades to come. Prior to the election, we were a generation with record levels of political apathy. It seems that this election may be the catalyst which inspires and Millennials.

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