Hyacinths and Biscuits - The Power of Poetry in Contemporary Global Society (Student Dialogue)
date: May 7, 2014
location: Villa Sassetti

Organized by Alice Sholto-Douglas, NYU Florence student

With the support of the NYU Liberal Studies Program

From slam to spoken word to written pamphlets and publications, today’s global contemporary poetry scene is brimming with potential to share cultural philosophies, address sociopolitical issues, and discuss the topics we believe should be taboo no more. How does poetry speak where everyday words fail? How does it find the common threads that weave all our differences into a cloth of united humanity? With fresh writing and an initiative to share passion on paper and wisdom through words, does the medium of poetry have the power to shape mindsets and bring people together as a platform for worldwide change? Join in the dialogue to add your voice to a discussion that will feature poets from France, Australia, Georgia, Italy, and the USA.