Hyacinths and Biscuits - The Power of Poetry in Contemporary Global Society (Student Dialogue)
date: May 7, 2014
location: Villa Sassetti
Alice Sholto-Douglas
NYU Florence student

As a junior in NYU´s Global Liberal Studies Program, with a concentration in Contemporary Culture and Creative Production, Alice has constructed her academic plan of study in such a way as to explore global topics through creative media, using them as a platform for sociopolitical dialogue and change. She was born in South Africa and attended an international middle and high school, which helped spark her interest in culture, language, and travel. Growing up, she was drawn to photography, film, fine arts, music, theatre, and writing, but the poetry bug bit two years ago while she was studying abroad in Paris her freshman year and attended some of the Spoken Word evenings there. It was on a return visit to Paris in early March of this year that she met some more current Spoken Word goers who introduced her to The Belleville Park Pages. The dialogue idea was a natural product of an ensuing discussion about the importance of poetry in our contemporary world and its capacity to unite people and ignite change.