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Nicolò Conti
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Summer Reading: EU in Focus
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The End of the Pax Americana
Ismail Ibrahim, NYU Florence student Read More ...
Student Final Presentation of the Food and Environment Working Group
EU in Focus Working Group Read More ...
Student Final Presentation of the Immigration Working Group
EU in Focus Working Group Read More ...
The Necessity of Sustainable Change
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The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
TTIP explained
June 9, 2015
How the European Union works
Your guide to the EU institutions
February 13, 2015



The European Union has the world´s largest GDP, the world´s third largest population and is among the highest ranking in the world for health, education and living conditions.

Through NYU Florence´s The EU in Focus series, students will learn about what the EU is, its history, how it works and its role on the international stage. Students who participate in the EU on the Ground working group linked to the series will develop a deeper understanding of how EU policy-making works through the study of two specific policy areas. This semester we will be focusing on food and immigration. The working group will further their knowledge through a NYU sponsored trip to Brussels where they will visit the cities as well as the European institutions and meet with experts to find out how the policy-making process works from the inside.

Interested students must attend the introductory meeting on August 31 at 6:00 pm at Villa Sassetti. Students can apply to be part of the working group through September 6, 2015 by emailing explaining why they would like to participate and how it would enhance their studies at NYU Florence. Students admitted to the working group must attend three mandatory lectures and three working group sessions in order to be eligible for the trip to Brussels. 

For more information write to Adriano Iaria at

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EU in Focus Lectures

September 2, 6:00 pm 
The End of Pax Americana and the current State of Europe

September 14, 6:00 pm Villa Sassetti
The Evolving EU Government System

October 5, 6:00 pm, Villa Sassetti
Food & the Environment: A Transatlantic Divide?

October 12, 6:00 pm, Villa Sassetti
The EU Immigration Crisis 

EU on the Ground Working Group Session (mandatory for participation in the Working Group)

Introductory Meeting and Presentation of Policy Focus Areas
August 31, 6.00 pm, Villa Sassetti
Professor Nicolò Conti will present the EU in Focus series, the policy focus areas, the work of the discussion group, the trip to Brussels, and how students can apply in an informal information session for NYU Florence students. 

Review Session
September 25, 6:00 pm, Villa Sassetti

Final Presentations and Preparation for Brussels
October 19, 6:00 pm, Villa Sassetti

The EU On the Ground in Brussels
October 24-28
NYU sponsored trip to visit Brussels and the EU institutions

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NYU Florence and NYU Washington D.C. students met in Brussels October 24-27 to visit the EU institutions and to meet with policy experts. They kicked off their visit with a role play exercise at the European Parliamentarium. Students were divided into 4 pGetting ready...Emma and Sariah: ´The EU sure is complicated isn´t it?´NYU in Florence and NYU Washington, DC students taking it all in.Palak taking notesand Krista too...Hi Emma and Markita!Our ´parliamentarians´ dutifully listening to the ´President´ of the European parliament (via video) as he explains the draft texts of the two ´Directives´ that our 4 political ´groups´ must pass (while also having fun!).´Stakeholders´ in each policy area address the ´parliamentarians´ before the vote.Markita and Bella hear another presentation.James (NYU Washington D.C.) and Hakan (NYU Florence) discuss before reconvening with their group.Ethan (and Iwami) present the position of ´The European Liberty Group´ to the press at a press conference simulation.Akhil and Parker speakPalak and Zeeshan are the spokespeople for ´The European Solidarity Group´Eilish and Emma present the position of ´The European Ecology Group´and, last but not least, Juliana and Louis presenting for ´The European Tradition Group´.Students then chose a ´president´ for each political ´group´, to address the room before the vote. SariahHelenand JamesAfter the vote, and the end of the role play, students visited the museum of the Parliamentarium.  Photo taken by NYU Florence student Lucy LyonsPhoto taken by NYU Florence student Lucy LyonsPhoto taken by NYU Florence student Lucy LyonsPhoto taken by NYU Florence student Lucy LyonsPhoto taken by NYU Florence student Lucy LyonsPhoto taken by NYU Florence student Lucy LyonsPhoto taken by NYU Florence student Lucy LyonsPhoto taken by NYU Florence student Lucy LyonsPhoto taken by NYU Florence student Lucy LyonsPhoto taken by NYU Florence student Lucy LyonsAfter gaining some insight into how the EU policy making process works through the role play, students learned more about European culture taking a stroll through the city (passing the Belgian parliament, shown here) before visiting the Royal Museum of FiStudents arrive at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium.  Photo taken by NYU Florence student Lucy LyonsThe ´2050: A Brief History of the Future´ exhibition showcases the work of artists who reflect on current social issues and imagine what the future might look like. It is a joint project carried out with Paris´ Louvre museum which provides an active platfFrom the Royal Museum website:  ´The exhibition addresses major social themes such as over-consumption, global conflicts, scarcity of natural resources, social and economic inequality, the mutation of the human being. ...and takes a moment to reflect.  Photo taken by NYU Florence student Lucy LyonsThe day ends with dinner with guest speakers and accompanying NYU in Florence faculty professors Davide Lombardo and Nicolò Conti at a cozy restaurant in the city center.Day 3: Students visit the Council of the European Union and attend two briefings with experts on the two policy focus areas that they studied in the EU in Focus working group at their home campus during the first half of the fall semester: immigration andProfessor Lombardo listens in.Group photo in front of the Council of the EU. Next stop: the U.S. Mission to the EU for a series of briefings on our policy focus areas immigration and food and the environment. Experts at the U.S. Mission spoke about the complexities of EU-US relations.And, finally, students wrap up their trip with a visit to the European Commission.  Bye bye Brussels!  See you next time!
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