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Diego Bertelli
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Hyacinths and Biscuits - The Power of Poetry in Contemporary Global Society (Student Dialogue)
Rapper, Performative poet

Based in Florence, Millelemmi is a performative poet and rapper. He was born in 1981 and has released various albums, making use of a variety of social media platforms - from SoundCloud to Tumblr to YouTube - to share his work. He derived the name Millelemmi from the Italian words mille - meaning “a thousand” - and lemma - meaning “dictionary entry.” He believes that, like Italian food, the Italian language comes in many forms, and rap in Italy is consequently very particular; a spontaneous expression and original representation of the individual that corresponds with his own, unique environment within the country.

Diego Bertelli

Diego studied at the University of Pisa to obtain his Laurea, after which, in 2004, he received his M.A. from Yale University. He is interested in Italian nineteenth and twentieth century poetry as well as translation, so he has an understanding of the complexities of language and literature in translation, as well as the place of poetry in history. With contributions to The Encyclopaedia of Italian Studies and various published translations of American and Italian literary journals, Diego has also conducted several years of research at the University of Freiberg and the University of Heidelberg. For his poetry collection, he was awarded the Premio Astrolabio Opera Prima.


James Bird
Founder and Co-Editor of Belville Park Pages

James was born in Wolverhampton, which is a small city in the middle of the UK near a bigger city called Birmingham. He lives in London, where he moved to study English Literature. He set up the Belleville Park Pages with Wil Coxl in the summer of 2013, and since then have printed over 280 writers from all over the world. He has had his own writing published in online journals like The Sigh Press and newwavevomit, and also print publications like Paris Lit Up.

Will Cox
Founder and Co-Editor of Belville Park Pages

Will Cox was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, then moved to Boston to study business at college. In early 2013 he left the US to travel and ended up co-founding the Belleville Park Pages, a publication for emerging writers from around the world. Some of his own writing has been published in Ireland and Italy.

Rosaria Lo Russo
Writer, Performative Poet, Teacher

Translator, teacher, and vocal poet, Rosaria Lo Russo is particularly intrigued by the theatrical side of poetry. She studied the history of performing arts, graduating from the University of Florence´s Literature and Philosophy Department, and she has since become an integral part of Florence’s contemporary poetry scene. She finds that sharing and expressing poetry through performance with others makes her feel understood, and she believes in poetry’s immense power to connect people through emotion. She finds that poetic inspiration is often mixed with a feeling of compassion and humility, and she shows a particular interest in a metacognitive understanding of the craft.

Nina Mazodier
Poet, Actress, Student

Half French and half Georgian, Nina was born in France and lived in Berlin until she was six years old. She then moved to Paris, where she is now. She dabbles in poetry and acting, and she owes her love of reading and words to her grandmother who used to spend summers translating books from English to Georgian. Before discovering Spoken Word Paris, she would write on occasion, but it was only after the fact that she really threw herself into the poetry world. Here, she met James and Will, and, with persistence, got involved with The Belleville Park Pages.


Alice Sholto-Douglas
NYU Florence student

As a junior in NYU´s Global Liberal Studies Program, with a concentration in Contemporary Culture and Creative Production, Alice has constructed her academic plan of study in such a way as to explore global topics through creative media, using them as a platform for sociopolitical dialogue and change. She was born in South Africa and attended an international middle and high school, which helped spark her interest in culture, language, and travel. Growing up, she was drawn to photography, film, fine arts, music, theatre, and writing, but the poetry bug bit two years ago while she was studying abroad in Paris her freshman year and attended some of the Spoken Word evenings there. It was on a return visit to Paris in early March of this year that she met some more current Spoken Word goers who introduced her to The Belleville Park Pages. The dialogue idea was a natural product of an ensuing discussion about the importance of poetry in our contemporary world and its capacity to unite people and ignite change.


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