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Do you want to travel to the EU? Read On.

So you went to the information meeting on the EU Ground Series Working Group and it all seems great — the opportunities to learn more than you could ever hope about European politics through the Dialogues, a chance to demonstrate that knowledge through the working group presentation, and especially the NYU sponsored field trip to Luxembourg and Brussels. But what is the next step? First, you must attend tonight’s Dialogue with Nicolò Conti at 6pm tonight and learn a general outline of how the European government systems work. Don’t forget to send your RSVP to lapietra.dialogues@nyu.edu. After attending this dialogue, it is extremely important that you get your motivation letter in to lapietra.dialogues@nyu.edu by February 16th explaining your interest in this working group. After you have completed and sent your letter: sit back, relax, and prepare for your group presentation on either immigration or data protection/surveillance. Thank you for your interest and good luck!