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Pato Hebert Interview: A Conversation on the Multiplicity of Life

patoPato Hebert sat with me under the Villa Sassetti veranda to soak up the sun and reflect how life led him to where he is now.

  1. You have said: “My sense of family is likewise [referring to his artistry] flexible and complex. My families consist of people related by both blood and choice, and we stretch across languages, desires, continents, class and race.” Can you explain what this quote means to you?

“Yes, it means really what it says. My mom is from Panama, my pops is White from the U.S. My brother married a woman from Tokyo, my nieces and nephews visit their obaa-chan speaking Japanese. We exist in at least three of four different languages. So the language of love and family debate is a multiple language.  So, my sense of love, home and family are multiple. In order to feel like I am me I need that aggregate, the plurality and multiplicity. But I do not romanticize family, it can be full of drama and difficulties even as it is full of magic. [Like the] Black diaspora [it] is not simply at peace but I do not experience it as only in tension.”

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