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The R2X student team before the Teach-In starts!

Opening film: ’I Am More Than Just the Color of My Skin’ (students)

This series of short films was created by students Natalie Gomez and Parker Hollingsworth.

Introductions: Conference Conveners and Students

Performance: ’A Change is Gonna Come’ by Siena Bjornerud (student)

Short film: ’Bella’ (student)

Panel 1: Why Critical Race Theory Matters

Introduced and moderated by students Nicole Johnson and Sydney Maynard

Short film: ’Natalie’ (student)

Panel 2: Activism, Identity and Social Justice: U.S. and Europe

Introduced and moderated by students Helen You, Aditi Ramesh, and Sariah Bunker.

Performance: ’Washing’ by Sariah Bunker (student)

Panel 3: Imagining Justice: Arts and Activism

Introduced and moderated by students Suleyman Azhari and Natalie Gomez.

Short film: ’Edouardo’ (NYU Florence RHM)

Panel 4: Islamophobia and Interreligious Tolerance

Introduced and moderated by students Amanda Gelbart, Ismail Ibrahim and Michelle Deme.

Performance: ’Imagine’ by Gavin Ward (student)

Keynote Address: Cecile Kyenge, Member of the European Parliament and Co-President of the European Parliament’s Anti-Racism and Diversity Intergroup

Performance: ’I Know Where I’ve Been’ by Felipe Gomes and Ashleigh Jessica Taylor (students)

Short film: ’Parker’ (student)

Panel 5: Culture in Context

Short film: ’Voices’ (students)

Performance: ’The Dancing Tree: From Africa to Italy and Back’ by Saba Anglana