Art and Imagination

By Eden Florence Guill, NYU Florence student


Transformation from old to new

I am not the greatest activist but I am not afraid to take a stand

It’s the people, not the government

There will always be colors and contrast

Vissi d’arte, vissi d’amore

Talent no one is born without

… because forever cannot belong.


This poem is a cento styled, inspired by and in collaboration with the dialogue Kathy Engel gave on “Art and Imagination in Building Campaigns and Socials Movements”, in Villa La Pietra on October 11th, 2017. At the beginning and the end of the dialogue Kathy had attendees write on small strips of paper a word or phrase that was in their heart at that moment. The keywords are listed below and with these the collective whole could guide me in finding poems that either have the word or a line that embodies the idea of the keyword they provided. This poem provides a glimpse into the shared stimulating and reflective experience the group had that day guided by Kathy Engel.  




Artistic Activism


Contrasting color

Vissi d’arte



Healing by M.L. Kiser

I Grow Where I am Planted by Simeon Austin David Pangu

Without Mask by Curtis Johnson

Rebuilding by Franklin Prince

The Best is Still Seen by Heidi Sands

Tosca by Puccini

Now by Jennifer Ratcliffe

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