The NYU Florence student team: Nidia Corona-Gonzalez, Lukas Villarin, Henry Clarke, Jordan Smith, Erin Oh, Antonio Kieschnick.

Trump 100 Days: Global Student Dialogue

Yesterday, students from NYU Florence, NYU London and NYU Washington D.C. participated in a Global Student Dialogue on the 1st 100 Days of the Trump Administration. Students reported on the main developments in critical domestic and foreign policy areas and also shared insights into how the Trump Administration is viewed from the perspective of the U.K. and Italy and how it looks from inside the Washington beltway.
Brennan O’Rourke and Walker Curtis from NYU London
Presentations included:

Trump and the Law‘ by Erin Oh (Florence)

Betty De Vos and LGBTQIA+ Student Rights in Education‘ by Brennan O’Rourke (London)

Transgender Rights Under Trump‘ by Jordan Smith (Florence)

Immigration Policy and the U.S-Mexico Border Wall‘ by Maria Navarro (Washington D.C.)

National Security or Criminalization? Immigration Under Trump‘ by Nidia Corona Gonzalez (Florence)

The Economy Under Trump‘ by Walker Curtis (London)

Trump and Climate Change‘ by Daniella Azoulay (Washington D.C.)

Trump on China‘ by Antonio Kieschnick (Florence)

Seeing Trump from Abroad‘ by Lukas Villarin (Florence)

The Dialogue was introduced and moderated by Henry Clarke (Florence).

Watch the Dialogue here:

Visit the Trump 100 Days blog to read their coverage. A special thanks to Managing Editor Regina Onorato and Digital Manager Elizabeth Grummon from NYU Florence!

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