Transforming Fashion: A Photo Gallery of the Work of Transformative Fashion Influencers

On Tuesday, May 2nd, I am delighted to host my own student-organized conference Transforming Fashion. Transforming Fashion is an interdisciplinary conference focused on exploring the relationship between the construction of gender and the potential for transgender activism in the fashion industry. The conference will include a dialogue between leading fashion influencers from all over the world who are interested in changing the way we see gender through fashion. This photo gallery highlights the work of some of these influencers and explains how this work is important to changing conceptions of gender through fashion.

One of the speakers will be Alessandro Trincone, a young Italian designer who was catapulted into international recognition when one of his designs was featured on Young Thug’s Jeffery album cover. Trincone’s first collection dealt with his delicate relationship with his father and his father’s journey to accepting Trincone’s sexuality. Trincone uses incredibly feminine colors, styles, and silhouettes on delicate male bodies, sometimes making it unclear what gender the models are or who the clothes are intended for. On dressing for your gender, Trincone told Complex, “I just want to tell them wear what you want, like me, I don’t give a f-ck.” Trincone’s refusal to submit to outdated conceptions of gender and sexuality, and his dedication to making space for those who do not conform, makes him someone who is transforming fashion. Here is some of Trincone’s work:



Saam Emme is a 22-year-old trans woman from Canada who is the CEO of Vejas, a fashion collection started by her business partner and LVMH Prize-winner Vejas Kruszewski, who is also from Canada. The brand has been praised for its inclusion of trans and gender neutral models, including up-and-coming trans model and actress Hari Nef. Kruszewski claims that this practice of gender-neutral casting comes naturally because he doesn’t see gender as binary. As he told Dazed, “Isn’t the idea of being, in body and mind, in constant transformation so appealing? That we are never fully formed entities? How far can we will our bodies and lives to take on the ideal forms we imagine for ourselves?” Trans leadership and rejection of the binary are incredibly revolutionary for any industry. Saam Emme and Vejas Kruszewski together are pioneers in transforming fashion. Here’s a look at a few of Vejas’s collections:  

Christina Pacelli is a celebrity stylist and image consultant, who works with a number of celebrities, including transgender actress and activist Laverne Cox. Together, the two have created looks that have reached a worldwide audience and have inspired trans women and girls around the world. There is a certain responsibility that comes along with dressing one of the most visible trans women in history for the world to see. In an interview with Refinery29, Pacelli says, “There’s a certain responsibility that comes with working with Laverne Cox; I don’t take it lightly. We want Laverne to look pretty; we want Laverne to slay.” Pacelli’s dedication to representing trans women in the best way possible makes her a stylist who is transforming fashion. Here are some of the looks that Pacelli has created with Laverne Cox:


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