A shot from the movie Last Men in Aleppo, showing tonight at the Cinema La Compagnia at 8:45 pm

Last Men in Aleppo showing tonight at Cinema La Compagnia

This week, on Tuesday, Last Men in Aleppo will be showing at the Middle East Film Festival in the Cinema la Compagnia on Via Cavour 50r at 8:45 pm tonight. The film is a documentary directed by Firas Fayyad (co-director and editor: Steen Johannessen) about the life of three “White Helmets,” members of a volunteer civil defense group working in Aleppo– Khaled, Mohammed and Subhi. The film follows the volunteers as they rush towards recently bombed buildings to search for survivors and recover the dead. However, as the situation in Aleppo edges towards a full siege, these three men must decide whether they will stay and continue helping those remaining in Aleppo, or whether they will flee before Bashar Al-Assad’s army closes in on the city. The film recently won the Grand Prize at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, and both directors will be present at the screening. The film was released on March 16th, roughly four months after the city of Aleppo fell to Al-Assad’s army in mid-December of last year following a protracted battle and siege. The siege of Aleppo was the subject of much international criticism after the alleged war crimes perpetrated by Assad’s army that took place during the assault on the city garnered the attention of the mainstream media. However, following the end of the siege, it seems the spotlight has been taken off of the situation in Aleppo. Hopefully, this movie will help remind people of the ongoing challenges faced by those still living in Aleppo, now suffering under Assad’s rule.

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