Jack Halberstam and Our Upcoming Dialogue: Trans*: A Quick and Quirky Guide to Gender Variance

jackBorn in 1961, Jack Halberstam, formerly known as Judith Halberstam, is Visiting Professor of Gender Studies and English at Columbia University and Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity, Gender Studies, and Comparative Literature at University of Southern California (USC). As the author of The Queer Art of Failure and Gaga Feminism: Sex, Gender and the End of Normal, Halberstam is well known for his Queer philosophy and works in the areas of queer theory, gender studies, feminist theory, popular and visual culture, and Gothic literature and the horror film, with an emphasis on subculture. Halberstam’s is currently conducting several projects including a book titled WILD THING on queer anarchy, performance and protest culture, the visual representation of anarchy and the intersections between animality, the human, and the environment.

On March 15, Halberstam will give a talk with La Pietra Dialogues on the topics of trans and gender variance, where students will have an opportunity to learn more about the current status and future developments of transgender rights, transgender visibility, and transgender recognition. All students are highly encouraged to join our dialogue!

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