This picture is a screenshot taken from Gail Segal's most recent film, Filigrane, via Segal's Vimeo page.

Getting to Know Gail Segal!

Who is Gail Segal?

Gail Segal is an American poet and filmmaker, and a film professor at NYU Tisch.

Where is she from?

Segal grew up in the Deep South, and after earning her B.A. in Politics and her M.F.A. in Film, she moved to New York City to pursue filmmaking.

What are some of her recent projects?

In 2015, she published Dramatic Effects: with a movie camera, a book of essays about film.

In 2014, she released Filigrane, a narrative short about three French siblings exploring the United Arab Emirates in hopes of connecting to their late father who was a researcher in the area.

In 2013, she released Meanwhile, in Turkey; a documentary short about the agency of Turkish women in a time of political and social unease, and had her work published in Paradigm, a poetry anthology by Italian poet and translator Alfredo de Palchi.

Has she worked with anyone I know?

Early on in her career, she worked with Academy-Award winner and one of the inspirations for IMAX movies, Francis Thompson and Oscar nominee Bayley Sellick. She was also the associate producer of a 15-part television series, The Shakespeare Hour, which was hosted by the Oscar and Tony-Award-winning actor/comedian Walter Matthau.

What is she working on now?

She is currently collaborating with Jenn Ruff and Shannon Cohn on a narrative film titled Lilia Rose about a southwest Georgian family of “three siblings, each with a dream that collides with circumstance.”

What will she be talking about?

Segal will be discussing how women are represented in film as part of the Picturing Women series. She will address the will and agency of female protagonists from 1937 to contemporary films, how women are depicted in films made by women, how cinematography and photography influence our perception of women in film.

Why should I be interested?

You might have a strong interest in this dialogue if you:

  • are studying film/photography or you just enjoy movies and digital media
  • are passionate about women’s rights or gender studies
  • want to know more about how women are represented in film
  • want to be exposed to or learn more about female directors such as Dee Rees, Lena Dunham, Lina Wertmuller, Alice Rohrwacher, and more
  • enjoyed films like Blue is the Warmest Color, The Virgin Suicides, Pariah, Belle, Winter’s Bone, Girlhood, Obvious Child, Casablanca, and A Woman Walks Home At Night

For more information on Gail Segal, you can check out her website To watch some of her films, go to her Vimeo If you are interested in what classes Gail Segal is teaching this semester at Tisch, go to

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