Advocacy, Activism and Political Change: Special Opportunity for Students!

The Transformative Power of Art exhibition Fabrizio Ruggiero, the United Nations, New York, New York

All NYU Florence students are invited to participate in this Spring’s Ideas, People, Change series. This project explores the power of individuals to bring about change through public advocacy and activism, with the strength of their ideas and beliefs. Intellectuals, scientists, artists, but also political leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela, have exerted leadership at the global level; their authoritative voices have given hope to millions of people and made a difference beyond the boundaries of their nations. These public intellectuals and leaders could be defined as individuals who, in the globalized public sphere, engage in the battle of ideas.

Over the course of the semester, we will explore the impact of intellectuals, artists, and activists in contemporary society through the artworks of Fabrizio Ruggiero and his important collection of fresco portraits that was displayed at the United Nations Headquarters in New York with the title “The Transformative Power of Art.”  

The aim of this project is to encourage discovery and reflection. Students will have first-hand experience with Ruggiero’s artistic practices in his Anghiari studio. Students will intellectually debate as a working group, the merits and visions of the public figures represented in his work and they will participate in organizing an exhibition of Ruggiero’s portraits at Villa La Pietra and Villa Sassetti. Through an exploration of the lives of the great women and men chosen as subjects, students will draw on the human lessons to be learned in assuming their own roles as active members of society in the future.

Fabrizio Ruggiero Studio, Anghiari, ItalyFabrizio Ruggiero Studio, Anghiari, Italy

Schedule of events:

Introduction: The Transformative Power of Art and Ideas, Feb. 13, 6:00pm, Villa Sassetti, with Davide Lombardo and Fabrizio Ruggiero

Visit to Fabrizio Ruggiero’s Studio in Anghiari, February 17, Anghiari, transportation provided by NYU Florence

The Mediatization of Politics as a Challenge for Intellectuals, April 4, 12:30pm, Villa Sassetti, Almira Ousmanova from the Institute of Advanced Study of Central European University

Exhibition Opening, April 26, 6:00pm, the Limonaia of Villa La Pietra

Student Working Group Activities:

Meet periodically to discuss the issues raised in the Dialogues.

Manage a Digital Platform for the project.

Assist the La Pietra Dialogues staff with the organization of the events in the series.

Assist with the realization of an exhibition of Fabrizio Ruggiero’s work at Villa La Pietra.

If you are interested in learning more about this project or would like to confirm your participation write to or call Michail Schwartz at 055 5007 554

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