Daily Italian Politics Briefing, Friday, February 15

Thumbnail Italian Elections10 days to go…

As expected, this week the Italian public debate focused on the Pope’s resignation, Sanremo, Italy’s most famous music festival, and finally, the Oscar Pistorius affair.

Since the publication of polls will be forbidden by law up to the date of the election we have to base our considerations on political analysts’ observations.

Stefano Folli, an Italian commentator for Sole24Ore, explains on Il Sussidiario that what is crucial at this stage, less than two weeks before the vote, is the future Parliament’s composition, which will determine the stability of the next cabinet. Will Monti ally with Bersani? And, in that case, will Monti be able to collaborate with Vendola, whose party is the second most important in Bersani’s coalition? Will Berlusconi or Beppe Grillo gain enough votes to be determinant in the Senate? And, in that case, what will Bersani do?

We hope that all of these questions will be answered in 10 days.


In other news:

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