R2X Student Spotlight #2: Felipe Gomes

This is a series of spotlights of the members of the R2X Student Team who helped organize the successful ‘Teach-In’ in Florence and are helping bring the R2XII-NY to New York. The R2xII-NY Conference will take place this Friday October 28, 2016 from 9am-5pm at NYU’s Hemmerdinger Hall. RSVP here

Felipe Gomes is a sophomore at NYU majoring in Neuroscience and Global Liberal Studies. He spent his first year of college at NYU Florence and was an active participant within the NYU Florence community. Felipe’s passions are for performing, human rights activism, mental health advocacy and multiculturalism in education. Felipe hopes his passion for human rights and coexistence of all differences will one day impact the world for the better.

Felipe has used his voice to empower and inspire his fellow classmates. Check out his performance with fellow NYU student Ashleigh Taylor at the R2X conference last spring in Florence. Come see Felipe and Ashleigh perform on October 28!

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