R2X Student Spotlight #1: Helen You

This is a series of spotlights of the members of the R2X Student Team who helped organize the successful ‘Teach-In’ in Florence and are helping bring the R2XII-NY to New York. The R2xII-NY Conference will take place on October 28, 2016 from 9am-5pm at NYU’s Hemmerdinger Hall. RSVP here

Helen You played a crucial role in helping to develop the R2X conference in Florence while spending her freshman year in the Liberal Studies program at NYU Florence. She was part of the original committee that met with NYU Florence Executive Director Ellyn Toscano to help design the conference, strongly representing the students’ point of view, and pushing for the inclusion of a more interactive component in the conference that would allow strong student participation and interaction with the speakers. Helen worked with the NYU Florence Digital Studio to make it happen and, the day of the ‘Teach-In’, students participation through the Poll Everywhere platform was a great success.

Helen is currently a sophomore at New York University in Liberal Studies and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in International Relations. Helen was born in Seoul, South Korea and has since grown up in Westchester, New York. A previous intern at La Pietra Dialogues, Helen has a passion for foreign affairs specifically in the realm of international human rights and the impact of foreign policy on the global economy. Her interests include female leadership, gender equality, travelling, soccer, music and history. She plans on attending law school after graduation and pursue a career in the State Department in Washington D.C. as a Foreign Service officer.

You can also check out Helen’s thoughts on how international education has impacted her understanding of ‘Unity in Diversity’ in the speech she was invited to give, along with a panel of NYU Florence students, by the Mayor of Florence at his annual Global Mayor’s Conference in Florence’s historic Palazzo Vecchio in Fall 2015 here.

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