Writer Jennifer Clement at La Pietra for a Writing Workshop and Dialogue

Award-wining writer Jennifer Clement will be on campus this week to offer a writing workshop to NYU Florence students and to participate in a Dialogue about her work. Clement’s highly acclaimed novels Widow Basquiat, about the life and artistry of American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Prayers for the Stolen, which explores the experience of girls who are victims of human trafficking by Mexican drug cartels, are available in the Ulivi Library and the LPD student space for students.

Clement is currently working on a book titled Gun Love, which will examine gun culture in the United States and the traffic in guns between the U.S. and Mexico.

Clement is the president of PEN International, the main organization of Poets, Essayists and Novelists, the first woman elected to the position. She is also an alumni of NYU.

Check out an article written by LPD alumni (Fall ’14) Joshua St. Clair about Clement’s 2014 Dialogue at NYU Florence “So Far From God”, Dina Juan (LPD 2014-2015)’s piece “A Freshman’s Take on the Dialogue with Jennifer Clement” and watch the video of her talk Walking in the Bones of Shadows: The Experience of Writing Prayers for the Stolen.

Join Jennifer Clement for her Writing Workshop tomorrow Tuesday, October 11 at 12pm in Villa Sassetti and for her Dialogue on Thursday, October 13 at 6pm in Villa Sassetti. Rsvp at lapietra.dialogues@nyu.edu

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