Introducing Peace Museums

NYU Liberal Studies Professor Joyce Apsel talks about her latest book, “Introducing Peace Museums,” at 6 p.m. in Villa Sassetti on April 28. The book examines peace museums, “a distinct group of museums whose content and activities focus on cultures and histories of peace, and include antiwar and antiviolence messages.” The introduction explains that while war and military museums are kept running with government funds, peace museums are private institutions that often struggle to keep their doors open. The book raises awareness of the existence of peace museums and explores how they take different approaches to the subject in different parts of the world, including in Japan; Bradford, United Kingdom; and Guernica, Spain.

Apsel is the President of the Institute for the Study of Genocide and Director of RightsWork International, a human rights education initiative. She previously served as Director of Education for Anne Frank Center USA, a nonprofit organization and partner of the Anne Frank House that strives to educate people in North America about the dangers of intolerance, antisemitism, racism and discrimination in the hope of building a future based on equal rights and mutual respect. She has written books on genocide, human rights and peace museums, and taught classes at NYU such as Social Foundations I, II and III; Comparative Genocide, Human Rights; and Global Topics: Human Rights, Health and the Environment.

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