Imma Vitelli, the Arab Spring, and Bjorn

It was nine years of working freelance journalism before Imma Vitelli says she landed her dream job as war correspondent for Vanity Fair Italy. Imma is, without a doubt, whip smart, extremely talented, and fully dedicated to her pursuit of the truth. In addition to her position as war correspondent, she also keeps  two blogs  on the Vanity Fair and Marie Claire websites. Both are introspective in nature, as blogs often are, and reflect the personal experiences of Imma and the many people that she has encountered, as well her own opinions and interpretations of events in the world today. The most recent update of ‘Io sono qui’, or I am Here, hosted by Vanity Fair, was written in honor of the anniversary of the Arab Spring, and in it Imma struggles to overcome her reluctance to revisit what was such a promising moment and which has since turned into such disappointment: “Le rivoluzioni falliscono poiché in Medio Oriente vige una legge, maledetta, una legge che stabilisce che tutto ciò che può andar male, va male” (“Revolutions fail because in the Middle East one accursed law reigns: Whatever can go wrong, goes wrong”). ‘Cronache baldanzose di vite diverse’, or Careless Chronicles of Different Lives, Marie Claire’s blog, ran her most recent piece marveling at the beauty of a small Norwegian town and the wonder of dreams and a lovely Hopen man named Bjorn. And in those two vastly different pieces it is possible to recognize and appreciate the breadth of Imma’s work and dedication. 

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