Craft Talks: Two Sides to The Story

Who’s someone that’s pissed you off?

It’s easy to come to terms with something that’s upset you: you rationalize what happened by making a one-sided judgement of that person, and then walk away and forget about it. That is of course, until you’re forced to interact with that person again. Then, no matter what they say or do, your image of them will hardly ever change.

Imagine this happening on a grander scale. Take for example, a dissatisfied anti-immigrants group and a new year’s debacle. Put one and one together, and you’ve got the story from Cologne, Germany.

At Imma Vitelli’s writing workshop, we heard the real story of what happened in Cologne, re-learning what most five year olds do at school, but this time, internalizing it: there are always two sides of the story.

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