The Importance of Social Media to Furthering and Enriching Dialogue in its Multiplicity

By Gabriela Mendieta, NYU Student

Our world once challenged by distance and language barriers has developed tools to further our interactions with peers all around the world. Online social media grants a voice that can transcend across nations. Even the challenges of foreign languages are overcome with the ability to translate a page with the click of a button.

Blogs, twitter, and Facebook are some of the platforms for communicating a message. Once shared online your message is capable of reaching an infinite number of people anywhere in the world. Although the range of reach is a significant component of social media, the power lies in the interactivity. After a message reaches its audience, the audience has the power to communicate back. The communication may be conducted in the form of “liking” something on Facebook, sharing a picture on twitter, posting a video on a blog or a number of other expressive interactions. This is the dialogue of today.

Dialogue in our age of mass technology and globalization is more than an exchange of words. Today dialogue no longer requires face to face contact or even knowing the other individual. Dialogue can include two people or two thousand people. In some instances the topic may be discussed and concluded quickly; other times a dialogue may invite contribution over an extended period of time. This open-ended dialogue is continually nourished with opinions due to the internet’s ability to house an active or dormant discussion for an infinite amount of time.

The flexibility of online social media allows for dialogues of all kinds to take place at any hour, from any location. Social media is expanding the definition and concept of what a dialogue is. Embracing social media is essential for anyone developing and hoping to enhance a dialogue in today’s society.

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