NYU Professor Richard Sennett on the Greek Crisis in Italy’s La Repubblica

NYU Professor of Sociology Richard Sennett was interviewed by Italian journalist Giulio Azzolini on the Greek crisis for an article published in Italy’s La Repubblica on July 5, 2015. Professor Sennett was in Italy to receive the 2015 Hemingway Prize in Lignano for his lifetime work. The Hemingway prize “recognises writers, thinkers, artists and journalists whose contemporary work captures the spirit and culture of Hemingway’s work as a novelist and journalist.

On the eve of the Greek referendum Professor Sennett supported the holding of the vote and added that, if he were Greek, he would vote No. “Better poor than subjects,” he added.  But there are also risks for Europe: “The European Union is meaningful only if it is a political project deeply rooted in a shared culture. The roots of that culture could only be Greek and the democratic idea. If Europe forgets it, it will fatally end up in the hands of bankers and bureaucrats”.

See the full article in Italian below. Learn more about the European Union in LPD’s Fall 2015 EU in Focus series.

Sennett's interview_La_Repubblica

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