Introducing Tonight’s Speakers: Dagmawi Yimer and Andrea Segre


Dag Yimer, Filmmaker

Director and writer, Dagmawi Yimer was born on December 6, 1977 in Kabale, Ethiopia. He left his country after the electoral fraud and violent protests in 2005. Yimer moved to Lampedusa, Italy on July 30th 2006 where he obtained humanitarian protection. That dramatic and horrific part of his life is in fact told in a documentary, Like a Man on Earth.


Andrea Segre, Filmmaker

Director and writer, Andrea Segre was born on September 6, 1976 in Dolo, Venice, Italy. Growing up he always had a huge interest in filmmaking. After gaining experience in television, he began focusing in documentary films. He received his PhD in Sociology of Communication at the University of Bologna. His most recent documentaries depict the three main stages of the Black Mediterranean:

A. crossing of the desert up to the coastline
B. sea-crossing and landing in Lampedusa
C. settling of the new communities in Italy

His film, Shun Li and the Poet , was presented at numerous festivals and the winner of many awards, including the European Parliament’s LUX Prize in 2012.


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