EU in Focus Series: Into the European Union

As we reach the end of the La Pietra Dialogues “EU in Focus” series, NYU Florence students will take a trip to Brussels and Luxembourg to complete the goal of the series which was to understand the importance of the European Union. Throughout the series, students have met with several speakers, including NYU professors Niccolò Conti and Davide Lombardo, as well as European Union Institute professor Cristina Fasone and President Joseph Weiler, who have a strong understanding of the EU’s political structure. They discussed the different aspects of the EU government, such as the EU’s parliamentary system, the Judicial system and the history of the EU. They also analyzed its importance at the international level by discussing its relationship with the United States and other EU member states. Students attended working group meetings where they focused on two main issues in the EU: immigration and data protection policies. The issue on immigration has been a topic debated for the past couple of decades, especially in Italy because it has one of the largest immigrant populations in the EU., while the issue on data protection is a modern issue regarding the 21st century-use of the internet. Students carefully outlined key concepts and information on the EU and its current status on these two issues.  The students presented their findings and engaged in different discussions on the Union and EU member states.

Through our discussions with these scholars, NYU has prepared the trip to Brussels and Luxembourg, March 14 – 18, where students will visit EU institutions, and get a informative understanding on the EU and the Parliamentary system. Students will attend exclusive meetings with officials and tours of the European Council, European Parliament, European Commission and the U.S. mission to the EU. In addition, students will be given the opportunity to role play, where they will act as parliamentary members making decisions on the immigration policies and personal privacy. This will be a fun way to begin the immersion into the EU.

As a reminder for those students attending the trip, we will be meeting at 5 a.m. at the Florence Airport (Peretola) on Saturday March 14. Meet in front of the tourist information desk located on the ground floor of the airport.

The LPD Team reminds you to:
-Bring your passports – they are required to enter the institutions on Monday & Tuesday
-To avoid unnecessary delays, do not check in any luggage.
-The weather in Brussels will be in the high 50s. Same applies to Luxembourg.
-Pack adequate clothing, both for cold and possibly wet weather as well as clothing appropriate for visiting important political institutions and government representatives (i.e. “business casual,” particularly on Monday and Tuesday).
– Please let the LPD team know if you decide not to return to Florence with the group on Wednesday, March 18 by sending an email to
– Should you wish to continue with your personal spring break travels after Luxembourg, NYU recommends registering your travel itinerary online at NYU Traveler.

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