Call for applications: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Junior Fellowships

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is one of the leading think-tanks in Washington, DC, highly respected throughout the world for its thoughtful, academic responses to international crises. Their Junior Fellowships offer an extraordinary opportunity to work for a year in Washington, DC, as a paid research assistant to some of the world’s best scholars in the realm of international relations. According to the institution’s website, “Junior Fellows have the opportunity to conduct research for books, participate in meetings with high-level officials, contribute to congressional testimony, and organize briefings attended by scholars, activists, journalists and government officials.” One past Junior Fellow compared his experience at Carnegie to “attending a university with forty professors and ten students.” Junior Fellows are paid $37,000 and receive a competitive benefits package.

For the 2015–16 program year, Carnegie seeks Junior Fellows in the following fields:

  • Democracy
  • Nuclear Policy
  • Energy and Climate
  • Middle East Studies – Native or near-native Arabic language skills essential. Strong background in Middle East politics and/or history is a huge plus.
  • South Asian Studies – Applicants should be comfortable with quantitative data manipulation as well as possess an interest in military issues. A strong background in international relations theory, political theory, or international political economy is essential. A strong mathematical background is a plus. Note: foreign language skills are not required.
  • China Studies (Asia Program) – Mandarin Chinese reading skills a huge plus.
  • Japan Studies (Asia Program) – Japanese reading skills required.
  • Southeast Asian Studies (Asia Program) – Strong background in economics essential. Background in politics of the region and knowledge of quantitative techniques a plus.
  • Economics (Asia Program) – Mandarin Chinese reading skills a huge plus.
  • Russian/Eurasian Studies – Excellent Russian reading skills required.


Members of the classes of 2014 and 2015 are eligible to apply, as long as they have not yet begun graduate studies. International students may apply as long as they are eligible to work in the USA for a full year following graduation (from August 1 through July 31), which typically means currently being in the USA on an F-1 visa. The average Junior Fellow has a minimum of a 3.8 GPA and significant coursework in international relations, history, political science, economics, Russian, Arabic, or Chinese. International experience, such as a semester abroad, is preferred, as are candidates who plan a career related to international relations. Previous work as a research assistant (especially in a field related to international relations) is also a great help but is not required.


According to the Carnegie website, “Applications are judged on the quality of the written essay, related academic study and/or work experience, grades, recommendations, and personal interviews.” The three-page essay is a key factor in being invited to an interview (assuming good grades and a demonstrated interest in international relations), and the interview is key to obtaining the Fellowship.


NYU (including NYU Abu Dhabi) may nominate two applicants for this fellowship. To apply for nomination, please email the following items, in this order, as a single PDF document in one email to with subject line “NYU CARNEGIE NOMINATION APPLICATION” by 5:00pm Eastern on Monday, November 24:

  • A completed Carnegie Junior Fellows Application Form (available on request).
  • A one-page, double-spaced essay on why you would like to become a Junior Fellow.
  • A one- or two-page resume, including telephone number, address, extracurricular activities, and work experience.
  • An official copy of your transcript.
  • An essay of no more than three typewritten, double-spaced pages on a topic provided by the Carnegie Endowment. These topics are intended to test skills in analysis, logic, and written expression. The essays should be thought pieces, not research papers. You must respond to the question pertaining to the program to which you are applying (available on request), although the Carnegie Endowment may ultimately select an applicant for a program outside of his or her designated primary interest or make an assignment to more than one program.
  • A completed and signed NYU Global Awards Nomination Permission Form and Waiver (available on request).  Because this document requires a signature, please scan your completed document.


Additionally, you must have two letters of recommendation submitted on your behalf by the deadline.  One of these must come from a faculty member in your major field.  These letters should be emailed directly and may be addressed to the Carnegie Junior Fellows Selection Committee.

Our nominating committee will interview selected applicants in early December and announce our two nominees shortly thereafter. Final applications are due to the Carnegie Endowment in mid-January. Candidates must apply through NYU and may not apply independently. Candidates should not contact the Carnegie Endowment directly. 


All applicants are expected to adhere to these ethical guidelines. 

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