The Victory of the Scottish ‘No’ Vote

By Davide Lombardo, NYU Florence Professor

The victory of the Scottish ´NO´ vote was largely expected. The Scottish nation (no need for a history or political science degree, everybody with a passion for Rugby knows it is a Nation) will not gain its own independent government and will not leave the Union with the other three Nations of the UK.

From the EU perspective at the institutional level, it is one headache taken off a long list. In the case of a victory of the ´YES´ vote, the likely domino effect in other areas in Europe would have triggered a major crisis at the continental level. However, the results of the Scottish vote warn us that the spectre of small countries, triggered back in the early 1990s with the Yugoslavian war and the dissolution of Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union, 25 years down the line may be backfiring in Western Europe. How are such small governments to survive the political and economic challenges of the old and new giants, the U.S., Russia, China, India, and Brazil?

The countries of Europe should be giving some sort of political answer to the above question.

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