Daily Italian Politics Briefing, Wednesday, November 6

Thumbnail-Italian-Elections-150x150Yesterday afternoon, Minister Anna Maria Cancellieri explained her actions in the Ligresti’s case to the parliament. She stated that Giulia Ligresti was moved from jail to house arrest after a decision by a Turin judge and not because of her intervention. She added that her only regret was letting her feelings prevail. After her speech, the PDL, the PD and Civic Choice confirmed their confidence in the Minister. Canciellieri was criticized by the Five Star Movement, the Northern League and SEL, which repeated their call for her resignation. Since the parties of the governing coalition expressed their support for the Minister, it is unlikely that the parliament will have a formal vote of confidence as requested by M5S.

Meanwhile, the Senate set the date for deliberation on Silvio Berlusconi’s relinquishment of his seat. The vote will be on November 27th. Berlusconi commented: “President Napolitano still has enough time to grant me a pardon.” At the same time, Vice Prime Minister Angelino Alfano said that the PDL has overcome its divisions: “The party is cohesive.” Alfano added that Berlusconi confirmed his support for Enrico Letta’s administration.

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