Daily Italian Politics Briefing, Monday, November 4

Thumbnail-Italian-Elections-150x150Italian politics in the last few days has become focused on Anna Maria Cancellieri, the Justice Minister. She has been criticized for granting Giulia Ligresti’s transfer from jail to house arrest. Giulia’s father, Salvatore Ligresti, is an entrepreneur who used to be one of the richest men in Italy. But recently, his companies went bankrupt and his family was charged with accounting fraud. On July 17th Salvatore and his children (including Giulia) were arrested. After one month in jail Giulia had substantially lost weight and doctors recommended moving her to house arrest. Minister Cancellieri intervened with the prison’s supervisors and Giulia Ligresti left the jail at the end of August. The media reported the case just a few days ago and political parties expressed different opinions on the Minister’s actions. The Five Star Movement requested Cancellieri’s resignation and will likely present a no confidence vote against her. The PD stated that the Minister must clarify her actions to parliament. The PDL is defending her. Cancellieri said that she will meet with parliament tomorrow, but that she does not regret her intervention in Giulia Ligresti’s favor. “Ministers must observe laws but they also have the right to be human beings,” she added. At the moment Cancellieri can count on Enrico Letta’s support. The Prime Minister does not want Cancellieri to resign, but he will have to face discord within his party. One block of the Democratic Party is convinced that Cancellieri should leave office.

The PDL’s opinion on Cancellieri’s case is unanimous, though the party has not yet overcome its divisions. This morning Angelino Alfano criticized the extremist members of the party and asked that the next candidate for Prime Minister be chosen through primary elections.

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