Daily Italian Politics Briefing, Thursday, October 31

Thumbnail-Italian-Elections-150x150Discussion over the Regulation Committee’s decision to hold an open vote on Silvio Berlusconi’s case is getting heated. The majority of PDL members claimed that the decision is undemocratic. Florence Mayor Matteo Renzi said that the political debate should focus on more important matters. And PD leader Guglielmo Epifani said that “the government cannot be held hostage by Berlusconi’s case.” Berlusconi’s first reaction was to cancel the meeting he had planned with Angelino Alfano and the other PDL Ministers and to surround himself with his most loyal supporters. Then, this afternoon, he declared  that “The game is not over yet!” and accused the left of “scoring a goal against itself.” However, it is still not clear if Berlusconi will decide to withdraw support from the government. According to Il Sole 24 Ore, it is likely that he will try to provoke a political crisis during parliamentary deliberation on the Stability Law. But key PDL member Fabrizio Cicchitto publicly said that Berlusconi should maintain his support for Enrico Letta’s administration. As reported by La Stampa, Alfano would also like to avoid a government collapse because he is convinced that a new election would be won by Matteo Renzi.

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