Daily Italian Politics Briefing, Tuesday, October 29

Thumbnail-Italian-Elections-150x150Last Friday Silvio Berlusconi re-launched Forza Italia, his original political party. The experiment of the PDL is definitively over. Berlusconi dissolved the party leadership and took the control of the party into his own hands. His decisions will be ratified on December 8th, when the first Forza Italia National Congress will take place. According to numerous newspapers, including La Stampa, it seemed like the PDL members who supported Vice Prime Minister Angelino Alfano were going to leave the party because they did not participate in Friday’s meeting. But yesterday, Alfano denied that the party was splitting and confirmed that Berlusconi is the leader. However, Italian Huffington Post reports that a block of the PDL is preparing an alternative proposal to be discussed at the December congress.

During the weekend Florence Mayor Matteo Renzi organized a three-day event promoting his candidacy for the PD party leadership. At the end of the conference Renzi affirmed that he is committed to promoting education, fighting unemployment and changing the current electoral law.

Meanwhile, the clash between Beppe Grillo and President Giorgio Napolitano is not over yet. Yesterday Grillo, after a meeting with the Five Star Movement’s senators, said that the M5S will proceed in calling for Napolitano’s impeachment. He called the President “an old man who we have a lot of problems with.” Prime Minister Enrico Letta criticized Grillo’s statement, saying that his attack on Napolitano must be firmly rejected and that the threat of impeachment is simply ridiculous.

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