Daily Italian Politics Briefing, Friday, October 25


Today is the turning point for the right. At 5pm Silvio Berlusconi will meet with other party leaders to begin implementing the transition from the PDL to Forza Italia. According to many newspapers, Berlusconi will take control of the new party, entirely eliminating the Segretario di Partito position that is currently occupied by Angelino Alfano. The PDL members who stand by Alfano may decide to leave Forza Italia and establish another political group.

Yesterday President Giorgio Napolitano met a few members of the governing coalition (including the PD and PDL group leaders, Ministers Gaetano Quagliariello and Dario Franceschini) to discuss a possible reform of the electoral system. Napolitano’s decision not to invite members from the opposition parties has been criticized by the Northern League and the Five Star Movement. Beppe Grillo said that opposition parties should call for Napolitano’s impeachment.

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