Daily Italian Politics Briefing, Wednesday, October 23


The tension between the PD and the PDL is increasing. Yesterday, PD member Rosy Bindi was elected chairperson of the Antimafia Commission, which is renewed every parliamentary term and composed of members of both the Chamber and the Senate. This term, the PDL did not participate in the election in protest. They claimed that the PD had previously agreed not to choose a member of its own party or the PDL. Bindi hopes, nonetheless, that the PDL will acknowledge her role, considering that the aim of the Antimafia Commission is to fight the Mafia, not to contribute to infighting among political parties. But Renato Brunetta, the PDL group leader, called for Bindi’s immediate resignation, proclaiming that fulfilling such a delicate role cannot be solely the left’s prerogative. According to Italy’s Huffington Post, Silvio Berlusconi considers Bindi’s election the PD’s gravest offense so far and proof that the PD will vote for removing him from his Senate seat.

Yesterday an article in the newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano reported that President Giorgio Napolitano, on his own initiative, promised the PDL that hewould issue a pardon for Berlusconi. To this, Napolitano replied, “Only Il Fatto Quotidiano can believe such a ridiculous lie.”

Meanwhile, Beppe Grillo announced that the third V-Day, a day of public mobilization for Five Star Movement activists, would be on December 1st. He affirmed that M5S will win the next election and the other parties can only avoid this by using tanks.

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