Twitter & Politics: What’s the Fate of your Follow? Natalia Ramirez interview with Professor Cristian Vaccari

SocialMedia3NYU Florence student Natalia Ramirez interviewed Professor Cristian Vaccari in the lead up to this Friday and Saturday’s Social Media and Political Participation conference.

In your opinion, is social media expanding the range of voices in political discourse, or concentrating it?

To some extent both, especially if compared with the mass media age when the production and gatekeeping of mediated messages was a monopoly in the hands of owners, editors, and journalists. Now more people can express their voice in public space than used to be the case in the past. That being said, there is no question that the Internet and social media are environments where attention is scarce and visibility is highly concentrated, so a very select few social media users will get most peopleĀ“s attention and the vast majority will get close to zero.

Read the full interview here. Join us this Friday and Saturday for the conference. It will be live streamed here. Rsvp at

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