Social Media Musings: Social Media and the Political Realm

SocialMedia3 By Ann Schmidt, NYU ’16

As social media’s presence in society increases and connects people, its effects in the political realm have become a point of interest and importance for political analysts. The potential effects that social media could have, or already have, are extremely interesting and will shape the future of society through connections and communications in ways that weren’t even imaginable just 20 years ago.

One of the most interesting effects of social media in the political realm involves the power that social networking has to get people more politically involved. This issue will be addressed by Eva Anduiza and Alexey Makarin at the conference on May 10th and 11th.

The potential of this power that leaders could have to change and shape society would open many doors because as people find they are more willing to work for a cause they can connect with, the more power the leaders of that cause hold. I see this as being a potential for a globalization of politics like no other in the past. Unity is something that people feel as they use social media and that feeling of unity is something that is, and will continue to be, extremely useful in the political realm.

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