Social Media Musings: Internet: Gift or Grievance?


By Max Fiedziukiewicz, NYU ’16

How often do you use your computer? An hour a day? Maybe two? Perhaps five? We live in a time that has completely forgotten the stone ages, those barbaric days, when the Internet wasn’t around, and your phone reminded you of an oversized brick. For people in my generation, life without the Internet seems impossible. Sometimes we forget to recognize the kind of sweeping force with which the Internet came and changed the game. Professor Tufekci from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill will come to remind us how the Internet has changed politics and whether that it is a good or bad thing, or both. Interested in the Arab Spring or Occupy Wall-street movements? Then come join us this Saturday at 9am to hear how the Internet has done more then just influenced our social communications.

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