Social Networks, Peer Pressure, and Protest Participation

SocialMedia3By Morgan Hubbard, NYU ’15

Participant Alexey Makarin from the New Economic School in Moscow will be presenting a paper on Social Networks, Peer Pressure and Protest Participation at the upcoming LPD Social Media and Political Participation Conference.   With an estimated 1.1 billion users on Facebook alone, it is clear that the role of social media has increased dramatically within the last decade.  Social media outlets such as Facebook and others, allow one to be connected with people and news throughout the world twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Thus, social media, as well as social motivation (such as peer pressure via social networks), could possibly be used as a vital tool in protests.  Makarin’s paper specifically investigates, “whether social incentives are similarly important for taking part in political protests.”  Harnessing the power of social media and using social motivation to give protesters an incentive to participate could have an effect on many of the current protest movements in the news today.  So, if you are even the least bit interested in social media come to this conference and learn more about Makarin’s paper as well as many others.  Also, “socially motivate” your friends to come!

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