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Award winning Chinese documentary filmmaker Zhu Rikun presents his film ‘Chen’ at Florence’s Festival dei Popoli December 4-5

The upcoming Festival dei Popoli will feature the film ‘Chen’ (translation: ‘Dust’), by award wining Chinese documentary filmmaker Zhu Rikun. The film explores the condition of Chinese workers in a Chinese mining and industrial zone. Mr. Rikun will be in Florence to present the film Thursday December 4 at 6.30 pm and Friday December 5 at 10.00 am at the Odeon Theater. See a synopsis of the film and read Rikun’s Director’s Note by clicking here. Read more

Jos De Putter: Filmmaker in Focus at Florence’s 2014 Festival dei Popoli in November

Festival dei Popoli, one of Italy’s most important documentary film festivals, which is held in Florence every year, will feature Dutch filmmaker Jos De Putter in the prestigious Retrospective section this Fall.

Jos de Putter is an award-winning Dutch director whose films span across the globe: from the “starlets” of football trying to emerge from the misery of the Brazilian favelas to teen-agers from around the world that compete in the Videogames World Championship in Seoul; from the memories of the survivors of Nagasaki to the Brooklyn baseball team that has never won a championship. De Putter chooses stories from real life and reveals their universal significance. From the Festival Dei Popoli website.

See a clip of his well regarded See No Evil, “a stunning fable that has as protagonists three monkeys who live together with men”.

About Festival Dei Popoli:

Founded in 1959 by a group of scholars in the humanities, anthropology, sociology, ethnology and mass-media studies, the Festival dei Popoli, a not-for-profit organization, has been active for over fifty years in the promotion and study of social documentary cinema.

The association works primarily to organize Italy’s leading International Documentary Film Festival in Florence. From 2008 to 2010 it has also held an edition in New York (NYDFF – New York Documentary Fim Festival). The Institute has created a vast network of collaborations for the diffusion of documentary culture in Italy and abroad.

Simultaneously, the Festival dei Popoli continues to conserve and digitalize its own Archives (which contains over 16,000 titles, from video to film) and make strides in film training, organizing courses and workshops for documentary filmmakers.

To learn more visit their website at:

Middle Eastern Now Film Festival: Best Short Film Announced

By Blair Simmons, NYU ’16

Last night, NYU students gathered at the Odeon Theatre in Florence, Italy as part of a select student jury for the annual Middle East Now Film Festival. After a long weekend of screenings and intense deliberation, where fingers were pointed, yelling was permitted and opinions were shot down, the jury came to an agreement just in time for Monday night. The jury leaders, Jim Carter and Alice Sholto-Duglas, announced that dialogue-free film, Condom Lead by Mohammed and Ahmad Abunasser, won the majority vote. The runners up were Children of God from Iraq and I Am Mermaid from Qatar. The festival, which continued through Monday, April 14th, is the only festival in Italy entirely dedicated to contemporary Middle East Movies, featuring the latest films from Iran, Iraq, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, the UAE, Afganistan, Syria, Bahrain, Algeria and Morocco. Showcasing a myriad of feature films, documentaries, animated films and shorts, the film festival was designed to underline the importance of the Middle East, a region that has been at the center of international media and politics in recent years.