Author: Nour Marie-Kemi Acogny

Nour Acogny is currently a freshman student at New York University in the Liberal Studies Program. She intends to major in International Business and Management, with a minor in Computer Science. She grew up in London, England, to a Franco-Senegalese father and a Franco-Beninese mother. Her interests include fashion, contemporary hip-hop, novels, film, female leadership and traveling. Nour is passionate about languages, and is a native French speaker, fluent in english, studied Latin for two years, Ancient Greek for four, Spanish for six, is currently learning Italian and plans on learning both Chinese and Arabic in the future.

Anthony Appiah On Why We Are Wrong About Identity

Kwame Anthony Appiah
Kwame Anthony Appiah

Born in London and raised in Ghana, Kwame Anthony Appiah is a multicultural individual who has lived through a multitude of experiences.

His father was a Ghanaian lawyer and politician, a Member of Parliament, an Ambassador and a President of the Ghana Bar Association. His mother was an English novelist and children’s write who was also active in the social, philanthropic and cultural life of his home town.

As a proud alumni of Cambridge University, he then went on to teach at some of the world’s top universities, including Harvard, Yale and Cornell. He has also been a Professor of Philosophy and Law at New York University since 2014. He has delivered multiple talks on diverse topics (such as identity and religion) to various institutions across the globe and has published widely in African-American literary and cultural studies. In 1992, he won an award for his book In My Father’s House in which he explores the role of African and African-American intellectuals in determining and shaping African cultural life. Read more